Billing & Fees

Olivenhain Municipal Water District is committed to minimizing all of its operational costs while maintaining a high level of customer service.
OMWD customers receive billing statements on a monthly basis and there are several payment options available.


Capacity fees are paid to OMWD by developers in order to fund necessary capital expansion, replacement, and betterment projects.

Documents that provide detailed information on OMWD’s standard processes are available on the Forms and Documentation page. This page also features forms required for permitting processes relating to engineering projects.

Sewer Fees – 4S Ranch and Rancho Cielo Sewer Rates.

OMWD provides sewer services only to the 4S Ranch and Rancho Cielo areas. Sewer service to other OMWD water customers may be provided by Leucadia Wastewater District, San Elijo Joint Powers Authority, Encina Wastewater Authority, or the City of Escondido.


Rates and Rules (Effective March 31, 2017)
OMWD does not offer any discounted rate programs at this time.

An Agricultural Water Program was established by OMWD more than 35 years ago to support and promote the agricultural producers in OMWD’s service area. The agricultural water rate is available only to those who meet minimum program criteria:

• Have at least one acre of property dedicated to agricultural use.

• Have documentation on sale or donation of products of an agricultural, horticultural or floracultural nature.

• Have proof of an approved backflow prevention device and current test results, or a completed cross connection questionnaire if no backflow device currently exists on the property. For more information, please visit our backflow page.

icon for delinquent payment

Delinquent Accounts

Payments not received by the close of business on the tenth business day following the payment due date for balances exceeding $25.00 will be considered delinquent and will be subject to a 5% delinquent penalty. At least 15 days prior to discontinuance of service due to non-payment of water bills, OMWD will mail delinquent notices to customers with past due balances of greater than $25.00.


Shut-Off Notices

Customers with balances due more than 15 days past the delinquent date will receive a 48-hour shut-off notice and will be assessed a $25.00 notice fee.


Moving/ Vacation

Customers planning to relocate from their current residence should contact OMWD to close their accounts at least three days prior to moving. Customers are responsible for their accounts until OMWD is officially notified. Customers planning extended vacations may pay their water bills in advance to avoid late fees and possible water service shut-offs.