Agricultural Programs

Olivenhain Municipal Water District Agricultural Water Program

The Agricultural Water Program was established by Olivenhain Municipal Water District more than 35 years ago to support and promote the agricultural producers in OMWD’s service area. The agricultural water rate is available only to those who meet minimum program criteria:

  • Agricultural customers must grow or raise, for commercial purposes, products of an agricultural, horticultural, or floricultural nature. To verify that eligibility, customers must be included on one of the following four lists that are maintained by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board or the County of San Diego: 1) General Agricultural Orders Enrollment List; 2) Growers List; 3) Active Certified Producers List; or 4) Organic Producers List.
  • Have proof of an approved backflow prevention device and current test results, or a completed cross connection questionnaire if there is currently not a backflow device on the property. For more information, please visit our backflow page.

Interested customers must complete an Agricultural Water Program application.

Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate (PSAWR) Program

The San Diego County Water Authority has a new Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate Program, which was developed with input from regional farming leaders. The PSAWR Program offers lower water rates to farmers in exchange for a lower level of water service.

Growers who participate in the program will receive a lower level of water service during water shortages or emergencies. Participants will be subject to early and accelerated mandatory supply reduction (i.e., mandatory water use reductions), based upon water supply conditions as determined by SDCWA. This allows SDCWA to reallocate those program supplies to municipal and commercial/industrial (M&I) customers who pay for full water service and reliability benefits.

While growers can initially enter the program at any time, reentry is not permitted once a grower has chosen to leave the program. Also, growers will not be allowed to opt out of the PSAWR Program during or under substantial threat of a mandatory water supply reduction.

In exchange for a lower level of water service, participating growers do not pay the supply rate differential between SDCWA’s melded water rate and Metropolitan’s Tier 1 water rate, as well as being exempt from paying fixed water storage and supply reliability charges. 

The PSAWR Program begins January 1, 2021. If you would like to apply, please complete and return the  Permanent Special Agricultural Water Rate Enrollment Form.