Promoting Your Interests

Olivenhain Municipal Water District is a multi-purpose public agency established in 1959, providing water, wastewater, recycled water, and recreation management services to its customers in northern San Diego County. Since then, OMWD has established itself as a regional leader by actively engaging federal and state leaders on a wide array of legislative and regulatory issues important to ratepayers. Operating in an environment of escalating costs, increased regulatory compliance, and competition for resources, OMWD’s engagement in the legislative and regulatory process is critical to its operations. Many of OMWD’s priorities are outlined through its legislative guidelines, which offers a framework to evaluate the impact of legislation upon OMWD and its customers.

Cooperative Engagement

On a nearly daily basis, OMWD communicates and works with San Diego County Water Authority, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, neighboring agencies, elected representatives, professional organizations, along with state and federal agencies on issues important to ratepayers. These issues include the need to develop new water supplies, infrastructure improvement, and enhanced customer service, while opposing unnecessary regulatory proposals and costs that could affect ratepayers. OMWD communicates ratepayer interests through formal correspondence, collaborative meetings, and informal as-needed contacts.

Legislative & Regulatory Review

The Legislative and Regulatory Review provides a synopsis of advocacy and outreach conducted by OMWD. In addition, the report provides a general outline of policy issues that are anticipated each year, an assessment formulated through staff analysis with information from contracted professional representation. Lastly, the report includes the Legislative Guidelines and other valuable reference information.


For additional information regarding OMWD’s legislative and regulatory program, contact us.