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Surprises are fun. Except on your water bill. That’s why OMWD launched My Water Use, a digital dashboard to empower customers’ water and money savings.

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My Water Use allows you to:


My Water Use is designed to give you easy access to timely information about your water usage.


Why My Water Use? 

Most customers who gain access to data about their water usage reduce their usage by about 15 percent.

By giving you more control and insight into your water usage, like notifications about usage spikes, you can use this information to make waterwise choices that are right for you. My Water Use is one way OMWD can partner with you to save water and money.piggy banks


How Do I Access My Water Use?

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  • VISIT – OMWD Customer Portal
  • REGISTER OR LOG IN – Use the account number listed on your water bill to register. Already signed up for online bill pay? Use your existing username and password to log in.
  • CLICK AND PERSONALIZE – Select “View Bill” and then select “View Usage” to personalize your dashboard settings and alerts based on your water use each month.


Need Help Navigating the My Water Use Dashboard or Setting Up Alerts?

Online My Water Use Video Tutorial

Other Resources

  • How to Navigate the Dashboard: This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to access the dashboard, personalize your settings, measure your water use, and set up alerts.
  • Tips for Detecting Water Leaks: There are a number of common causes of water leaks for our residential customers. If you see a spike in your home water use, watch this video to find the culprit.


Email Customer Service or call us at 760-753-6466.