Water Meter & Leaks

Your meter is located below ground and usually near the street. For assistance in locating or reading your meter, contact us at 760-753-6466.

Reading My Water Meter

Your water meter records the amount of water used on your property in the same manner as an odometer records the number of miles driven in your automobile. The meter is never reset. When Olivenhain Municipal Water District reads your meter, only the first 4 numbers to the far left are used in the computation of your bill. For example, a meter dial reading 013896514 is recorded in OMWD’s billing database as 0138 hcf (hundred cubic feet) and would show on your water bill as 0138. The difference between the current meter read and last month’s meter read is your consumption for the given billing period. For more information, please view this video demonstration of how meters are read.


If your meter box has a black rubber circle, wires are attached to the meter lid and may be damaged if the meter box is opened improperly. Please view these instructions on lid removal.

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Dials - 5/8”, 3/4” & 1” meters

  1. There are nine AMR digits/bars on the Sensus iPerl meter at the top of the digital display.
  2. Only the first four numbers at the far left will be programmed in 100 cubic feet. and read.
  3. OMWD uses cubic feet as its units of measure.
  4. To check for leaks, use the Flow Direction/Empty Pipe Indicator. If there is a plus sign in the middle of this circle, water is passing through the meter.
    You can also monitor the ninth number to the far right to check for leaks (2).
    Example: If the number rotates from 0 to 1 that’s equivalent to 1/5th of one cubic foot of water.
  5. Battery life indicator.

  OMWD is converting to Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or “AMI,” technology as part of a ten-year expansion project.

Checking For Leaks

To test for a possible leak in your system, make sure that all water fixtures, washers, and irrigation are turned off, and then check the small leak detector circle under the nine numbers, as well as the single digit at the far right. If a plus sign is shown in the small circle, it indicates that water is moving through the meter. If you are watching the digit on the far right, wait approximately 30 minutes, and then check the meter again. If the digit has advanced, one tenth of a cubic yard has moved through the meter and water is running somewhere on your property. Please also see our brochure Leak Guidelines for Homeowners.

Older, analog AMR residential meters may have a leak detector dial. If the dial is moving, water is flowing.

My Water Pressure

OMWD personnel may be able to assist you in estimating your home’s water pressure. Call 760-753-6466 or email Customer Service. Please also see our Household Water Pressure brochure for frequently asked questions about water pressure, and view the video on this page.

All OMWD employees carry photo identification.  If you are ever in doubt, please ask to see identification.
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