Recycled Water Now Available to OMWD Residential Customers at Fill Station in 4S Ranch

On September 9, Olivenhain Municipal Water District hosted a grand
opening celebration for its new recycled water fill station, located at
Campania Avenue and Camino San Thomas in San Diego.

The recycled water fill station provides free recycled water to any OMWD
residential customer that has undergone a brief certification process. This
resource can be used for non-potable water landscape irrigation applications
such as watering ornamental gardens, vegetables, and trees, and can help
conserve potable water during the drought. The station is the first of its kind
in San Diego County.

“Our goal is to assist customers by providing them with new methods to reduce
potable water use at their homes, and we strongly believe that this resource
will help conservation practices while positively contributing to our drought
response,” said Kimberly Thorner, OMWD’s General Manager. “We are excited to be
the first agency in San Diego County to provide residential customers with
recycled water for irrigation purposes.”

“This drought has required us to think creatively about ways to reduce
our consumption,” said Ed Sprague, President of OMWD’s Board of Directors.
“This refill station provides our customers with a means of utilizing a limited
resource in a practical, convenient manner.”

The recycled water fill station is currently slated to be open through
February in conjunction with the State Water Resources Control Board’s
emergency water conservation order. However, if successful, OMWD may explore
offering the service on a longer-term basis.

Recycled water is wastewater that has undergone purification and
disinfection processes to meet strict water quality standards. The use of
recycled water for non-potable purposes is a technique to assist customers in
complying with statewide water use restrictions, and while statewide emergency
drought regulations remain in effect, the fill station will be temporarily
offered to customers. Additionally, this refined resource is a renewable and
locally produced water source, therefore it is not subject to water use

The fill station is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Information
about the fill station can be found at