OMWD Converts Local School’s Irrigation to Recycled Water

Irrigation at the Grauer School in Encinitas was converted to recycled water on May 9, 2024. An estimated 600,000 gallons of drinking water will be saved every year by the conversion.

“OMWD continuously seeks water efficiency options to safeguard our region’s drinking water supply,” said OMWD Board Secretary Larry Watt. “Every gallon of recycled water used for irrigation results in a gallon of drinking water saved. By pursuing recycled water irrigation conversion projects, we ensure sustainable drinking water solutions for both present and future generations.”

The unpredictable weather patterns of the past few years remind us of the need to prepare for the next dry spell now. OMWD continues to diversify its water supply sources to reduce reliance on imported drinking water, while expanding its recycled water distribution system, to become more drought resilient.

OMWD serves approximately 15 percent of its overall demand from recycled water and continues to identify additional ways to make recycled water available to eligible customers.