OMWD Continues to Expand Recycled Water Reach

New connection will reduce drinking water demand by 163 million gallons per year

Olivenhain Municipal Water District continues to expand its recycled water distribution by connecting to the Rancho Paseana horse ranch, providing the property with locally produced, tertiary treated recycled water for irrigation.

The Rancho Paseana horse ranch is located in Rancho Santa Fe and covers approximately 225 acres. Connecting this property to OMWD’s recycled water system is estimated to save as much as 163 million gallons of imported drinking water every year. The property will now use recycled water for irrigation of its equestrian facilities.

“Given the regulatory and climatic challenges that are impacting water supply reliability for all of California, it’s imperative that we continue to explore local supply alternatives that are resilient to drought,” said OMWD Board Secretary Larry Watt. “Every new customer we convert to recycled water decreases our demand for imported drinking water and therefore creates a more reliable system for our customers.”

OMWD produces up to two million gallons of recycled water daily at its 4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility, and supplements this supply with recycled water purchased from neighboring water and wastewater agencies. By partnering with other agencies and sharing resources across jurisdictional boundaries, OMWD is able to continue expanding its recycled water distribution system. In total, OMWD meets up to 15 percent of its demands with recycled water.