General Manager and Directors Compensation and Benefits

General Manager and Board of Directors Compensation and Benefits

Olivenhain Municipal Water District identified in its Strategic Plan the value of ensuring fair and open processes involving the public. With the goal of transparency and given recent scrutiny on compensation provided to public officials, OMWD presents below a summary of compensation provided to its General Manager and Board of Directors.

General Manager

Duties and base pay (effective January 1, 2024): The GM oversees all OMWD functions including water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, recycled water treatment and distribution, hydroelectric generation, and park and recreation services. OMWD’s service area covers 48 square miles in northern San Diego County, with approximately 87,000 residents, over 29,000 water service connections, over 6,100 sewer connections, over 400 recycled water connections, and over 450 miles of distribution pipeline. OMWD operates its own 34 million gallon per day water treatment plant and 2 million gallon per day water reclamation facility.

The GM’s salary is set by the board of directors, and the current base annual salary is $297,637.90. Since OMWD is a multi-function district, the following percentages of the aforementioned GM’s base salary are allocated to the various functions: 75% to water; 13% to wastewater; 8% to parks and recreation; and 4% to recycled water. The GM is an at-will employee and her continued employment is based upon her continued performance. In the event that the GM’s employment should ever be terminated without cause, the board of directors authorized severance provisions are as follows: 12 months’ salary if 3 of 5 board members vote to terminate employment; 8 months’ salary if 4 of 5 board members vote to terminate employment; or 4 months’ salary if 5 of 5 board members vote to terminate employment. Severance under the “without cause” scenario shall be based on the GM’s salary on the date of termination.

Retirement: The GM is included in OMWD’s 2.5% @ 55 (3-year average) formula CalPERS retirement plan. The GM’s employee-paid contribution to CalPERS retirement is 8% of salary (the GM pays the full 8% employee contribution). There are no post-retirement medical benefits.

Other Benefits: The GM receives $700 per month auto allowance for business use of a personal vehicle (in lieu of an OMWD vehicle or mileage reimbursement). OMWD provides 100% paid dental and vision insurance for the GM and all eligible dependents. The GM is required to contribute $24 per pay period towards the health insurance premium for family coverage. OMWD-paid life insurance and one half of the premium for a long-term disability policy is also provided, with the GM paying the other half of the premium. The GM is eligible for a 457 deferred compensation matching program for longevity and performance in the same amount as other OMWD managers, which is currently $4,750. Vacation accrual rates are based on years of service, in the same amounts as all other OMWD employees (The GM is currently receiving 176 hours per year for over 20 years of service). Sick leave is accumulated the same as all other employees at 96 hours per year. The GM shall be granted up to 80 hours of Executive Time Off with the same terms and requirements as Managers and Supervisors as set forth in OMWD’s Administrative and Ethics Code. An OMWD cell phone is provided for business use; however, personal calls must be reimbursed to OMWD each month by the GM. The GM is eligible for a potential, non-guaranteed performance goal incentive for calendar year 2024 in the amount of $7,596 for achieving the goals of OMWD as determined by the board of directors.

Board of Directors

Effective as of April 17, 2000, each director receives per diem compensation in the amount of $150 for each attended board meeting, or for each day’s service rendered as a director by request of the board, not to exceed a total of 10 days in any calendar month. The maximum a director may earn in any month is $1,500, even if he/she attends more than ten meetings. OMWD provides 100% paid dental and vision insurance for each board member and their eligible dependents. Board members may be required to contribute a small amount towards their health insurance premium dependent upon the plan selected and coverage level. Board members receive no other paid OMWD benefits, are not included in the OMWD CalPERS retirement plan, and do not receive post-retirement benefits.