Administrative & Ethics Code

The purpose of OMWD’s Administrative and Ethics Code is to provide the Board of Directors and OMWD staff with a statement that contains the organizational structure of OMWD personnel, the duties and functions of the board, the duties and powers of the employees, and the procedure by which OMWD’s work is carried on.

Article 1—General Provisions

Article 2—Organization of Board of Directors

Article 3—Organization of Staff

Article 4—Classified Positions

Article 5—Working Hours, Employee Benefits

Article 6—Regulations Governing Purchases and Surplus Sales

Article 7—Work Orders for Capital Construction Projects

Article 8—Water Rates and Charges

Article 9—Rules Relating to Customer Accounts

Article 10—Encroachment Permits

Article 11—Mailing Lists and Records Retention Policy

Article 11 Attachment–Records Retention Schedule 

Article 12—Violations and Penalties

Article 13—Policy for District Facilities

Article 14—District Policy with Respect to Extension of its Distribution Facilities

Article 15—Standard Specifications

Article 15 Attachment–Standard Specifications

Article 16—Non-Restricted Funds

Article 17—Other Non-Restricted Funds – Rate Stabilization

Article 18—Restricted and Other Designated Funds

Article 19—Association Membership

Article 20—Employer-Employee Relations

Article 21—Safety Provisions and Practices

Article 22—Public Relations

Article 23—Claims Against the District

Article 24—Annexations

Article 25—Use of Reclaimed and Non-Potable Water

Article 25 Attachment–Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Recycled Water

Article 26—Regulations of the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

Article 26 Attachment–Regulations for the Recreational Facilities Operated by the District, Including Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve 

Article 27—Conflict of Interest Code

Article 27 Attachment–Conflict of Interest Code

Article 28—Sanitation Districts and Use of Rules and Regulations

Article 28 Attachment–Rules and Regulations for Use of District Sewerage Facilities

Article 29Rules and Regulations for Agreement for Payments for Additional EDUs In Assessment District 96-1