Carlsbad Water-Efficient Garden Wins OMWD’s Landscape Contest

Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors honored at its July 24 meeting Melanie Buck as the winner of OMWD’s 2019 Watersmart Landscape Contest.

Ms. Buck’s Carlsbad home features a landscape that requires less than half of the water required by the large grassy areas and pine trees encompassed in the original design. In addition to its visual appeal, the landscape boasts functionality and includes welcoming entertainment areas. Since installing the award-winning landscape, Ms. Buck has enjoyed lower water use and reduced maintenance costs. Her home demonstrates the beauty of water-efficient landscapes with its vibrant colors and variety of textures.

“Outdoor watering comprises the majority of residential water use in the region, so landscaping efficiently is of utmost importance. Ms. Buck’s show-stopping landscape is a prime example of the beauty that water-efficient gardens have to offer,” board President Ed Sprague stated. “This winning design will serve as an inspiration to others in the community to consider creating their own water-efficient gardens.”

The WaterSmart Landscape Contest is held annually by water agencies throughout San Diego County to showcase attractive landscapes that use less water than conventional turf-heavy landscapes. Winning entries exhibit excellence in curb appeal, climate-appropriate plant selection, design, efficient irrigation, and environmental considerations.

Photos of Ms. Buck’s landscape, as well as winners from throughout the county, are available at

2019 landcape contest winners at board meeting

Melanie and Bob Buck are recognized for their beautiful, water-efficient landscape

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water-smart landscape