Olivenhain Municipal Water District Recycled Water Pipelines Named “Project of the Year”

Encinitas middle school and homeowner association now using sustainable water supply

American Public Works Association’s San Diego and Imperial Counties Chapter has recognized Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Avenida La Posta Recycled Water Project as “Project of the Year.” The award, celebrating OMWD’s engineering and project management efforts, was presented today at a reception at Paradise Point Resort in San Diego.

The project consisted of the installation of over 600 feet of recycled water pipeline in a high-traffic area among critical electrical, gas, and fuel infrastructure.

OMWD collaborated with Diegueño Middle School, San Dieguito Union High School District, Flora Vista Elementary, Encinitas Union School District, and the Villanitas homeowner association to expand recycled water service. To reduce costs by using one contractor and one construction schedule, all entities closely coordinated on design, construction elements, and traffic control plans.

“In the spirit of collaboration, OMWD merged two new pipelines into one well-orchestrated project to serve recycled water to the Villanitas HOA and Diegueño Middle School,” said OMWD Board Treasurer Larry Watt. “This reduced overall project costs and impacts to the neighborhood, avoiding construction during high-traffic school hours.”

APWA is a professional association of public works agencies, private companies, and individuals dedicated to promoting public awareness through education, advocacy, and the exchange of knowledge. APWA’s local chapter annually recognizes the best public works projects and professionals in San Diego and Imperial Counties. This award raises awareness of the necessary alliance between public agencies, contractors, and consultants, such as architects and environmental engineers, to complete public works projects.

Park irrigated by recycled water Avenida La Posts Recycled Water Project - pipe installation