Olivenhain Municipal Water District Partners with Village Park Manor Condos to Reduce Drinking Water Demand

Olivenhain Municipal Water District continues to reduce its imported drinking water demand by converting seven meters within the Village Park Manor Condominium community to recycled water. Village Park Manor is located in Encinitas and began in December irrigating its common areas using recycled water.

With the successful conversion of the seven meters to recycled water, Village Park Manor will save nearly six million gallons of imported water each year.

Despite the forecast of a second consecutive wet winter, much of Southern California remains dependent on imported water from the Colorado River. For decades, more drinking water has been taken from the Colorado River than has been replenished by winter storms leading to very low levels of water in storage. To ensure the continued availability of drinking water for over 19 million residents in the area, conservation will remain vital.

“Southern California is dependent on the Colorado River for drinking water and a few wet winters are not enough to relieve the effects of decades of overdrawing,” said OMWD Board President Christy Guerin. “Every customer we convert to recycled water for irrigation reduces our dependance on the river and supports our long-term sustainability goal.”

OMWD produces up to two million gallons of recycled water every day at its 4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility. Additionally, OMWD is the lead agency of the North San Diego Water Reuse Coalition, a group of nine North County agencies that coordinate across jurisdictional boundaries to expand the reach of the recycled water. As a result of their proactive approach, OMWD now serves up to 15 percent of its overall demand from recycled water and continues to identify additional ways to make recycled water available to eligible customers.