Olivenhain Municipal Water District Converts 7th HOA in Encinitas to Recycled Water

Olivenhain Municipal Water District connected Village Park Townhomes 2 Homeowners Association to its recycled water system this week. Using recycled water to meet irrigation needs will lower the HOA’s water bills and save an estimated seven million gallons of potable water each year.

“We are happy to see another HOA make the decision to invest in recycled water for irrigation,” said OMWD Board President Ed Sprague. “Converting to locally produced recycled water is a sustainable choice for customers like HOAs, municipalities, golf courses, and schools.”

“We are excited to start using recycled water for irrigation purposes,” stated Heather Molina, Village Park Townhomes 2 board member. “Not only will we be paying less on our water bills, but we can also take pride in knowing we will be contributing to the saving of millions of gallons of drinking water every year.”   

The HOA’s conversion to recycled water is part of OMWD’s Village Park Recycled Water Project. Since 2016, OMWD has worked closely with large water users in the Village Park area to make the switch to recycled water. Once all eligible sites have converted, OMWD will deliver up to 114 million gallons of recycled water annually to the Village Park neighborhood.

OMWD purchases all of its potable water supply from San Diego County Water Authority, which is imported from Northern California and the Colorado River. Approximately 60 percent of an average OMWD customer’s bill goes towards OMWD’s cost to purchase water. Recycled water is produced locally from highly treated wastewater, and offers a cost effective approach to meeting non-potable water supply needs. In total, OMWD meets approximately 14 percent of its demands with recycled water, providing a sustainable and renewable approach to its overall water portfolio.

lawn using recycled water

Village Park Townhomes 2 HOA is now using recycled water on common areas