4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility Honored as California’s Plant of the Year

Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors accepted at its March 15 meeting California Water Environment Association San Diego section’s 2022 Plant of the Year Award for its 4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility. The Plant of the Year award acknowledges OMWD’s 4S Ranch WRF accomplishments in regulatory compliance, innovative practices, cost-effectiveness, and superior plant operations.

“OMWD is dedicated to providing recycled water and wastewater treatment in a fiscally responsible and environmentally responsive method,” said Board Vice President Matthew Hahn. “Our board is proud to have our recycled water facility recognized at the state level as a first-class treatment plant that meets or exceeds all regulatory standards and demonstrates industry best management practices.”

OMWD has spent the last several years expanding the use of recycled water within its service area and raising public awareness of the importance of treating wastewater to be reused for non-potable uses like landscape irrigation. 4S WRF can produce up to two million gallons of high-quality recycled water each day, reducing the use of drinking water for the irrigation of golf courses, parks, schools, streetscapes, and homeowner association common areas.

CWEA’s award program recognizes proactive maintenance as a priority, as it helps to avoid costly emergency repairs and ensures continued wastewater and recycled water services for customers. 4S WRF operators maintain over 85 miles of sewer collection system pipelines, lift stations, a 410-acre-foot storage pond, and a one-million-gallon reservoir to provide wastewater and recycled water services.

Founded in 1927, the California Water Environment Association is a not-for-profit association of 9,000-plus professionals in the wastewater industry. The association trains and certifies wastewater professionals, disseminates technical information, and promotes sound policies to benefit society through protection and enhancement of our water environment. For more information, visit

OMWD employees at 4S Ranch Water Reclamation Facility