Valve Replacement Project

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Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s Valve Replacement Project is an ongoing effort to replace valves in our water distribution system ranging from 6 inches to 16 inches that no longer function as designed and cannot be counted on to control segments of the system when needed. Many of these valves serve fire hydrants, for example, and functional valves ensure that we can promptly discontinue the flow of water if a hydrant is hit by a car.

OMWD conducts these valve replacements in three stages. First, a contractor that has gone through an extensive pre-qualification process will excavate around the valve and secure the site with a recessed steel plate. In nearly every case, no bumps will be associated with the trench plate.

Second, within approximately one week of excavation, OMWD crews will replace the valve itself. One or more water main shutdowns will be necessary to complete the work. Customers that will be affected by a shutdown will receive formal notification of the date and time of the shutdown at least 48 hours prior to the start of work. Customers should ensure that their plumbing system is prepared for a shutdown, including checking that their pressure regulator (if equipped) is functioning properly.

Third, the contractor will fill the excavation and re-pave the roadway in compliance with city standards.

This approach to the replacement of valves minimizes costs to our ratepayers while providing the highest quality results.

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