OMWD Village Park Recycled Water Project

omwd_rgb To celebrate the completion of its Village Park Recycled Water Project, Olivenhain Municipal Water District held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 28, 2016 at Flora Vista Elementary School, the first customer in Encinitas’ Village Park neighborhood to receive this local, drought-resilient water source.

The completion of this project enables OMWD to deliver recycled water to schools, homeowner association-maintained areas, and greenbelts throughout the Village Park community. As more commercial landscape customers connect to the seven miles of newly installed pipeline, OMWD will be able to serve an additional 114 million gallons a year of this less expensive alternative to imported drinking water.

Project Summary

More than 90 percent of San Diego County’s water supplies are imported and subject to drought and other potential water supply interruptions. Recycled water is a safe, sustainable, and locally produced water supply alternative that reduces reliance on these unstable imported water supplies. OMWD currently delivers nearly 2 million gallons of recycled water daily for landscape irrigation at schools, parks, HOA common areas, street landscaping, and golf courses.

Village Park has many greenbelts, HOA-maintained areas, and schools that can take advantage of this drought-resistant, lower-cost solution to imported water. In addition to reduced water rates, the benefits of using recycled water include the reduction of ocean discharge, resource conservation, and the enhancement of wildlife habitat.

The project is expected to offset up to 350 acre feet of potable water use each year once all eligible customers are connected to OMWD’s recycled water system.


nsdcrwpThe Village Park Recycled Water Project is an element of the larger North San Diego County Regional Recycled Water Project—a collaborative effort among ten North County agencies that coordinates across jurisdictional boundaries and has already been awarded $5 million in grant funds since the coalition was established in 2009. By collaborating, participating agencies are able to more efficiently and cost-effectively connect recycled water sources with recycled water demands. In the case of the Village Park project, OMWD delivers its customers recycled water supplied from San Elijo Joint Powers Authority’s San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility. Each agency and its customers ultimately benefit from the arrangement. SEJPA is able to maximize the capacity of its reclamation facility and sell additional recycled water; OMWD is able to reduce its demand for costly imported water and improve its water supply reliability.

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