Headquarters Renovation

OMWD’s service area has expanded considerably in the sixty years since it was established, and its headquarters required upgrades to meet demand and current building codes. Upgrades were completed in 2020.

OMWD now offers a 200-person capacity community room for public meetings, public access to restrooms, fire sprinklers, and an ADA-compliant and secure lobby. The new lobby and community room were partially paid for by capacity fees collected from developers since 2006.

The building features California Energy Efficiency Title 24 and ADA-compliant light switches and power receptacles, and Solatube lighting. Future plans include a demonstration garden where customers will be able to view water-wise devices and landscaping.

The map below illustrates the locations of the payment drop box, the lobby, and public parking.

If you have any questions about OMWD headquarters, please contact us at customerservice@olivenhain.com or 760-753-6466.

OMWD Headquarters Payment Location