Regional Enhanced Pipeline Cleaning Project

As of June 5, 2018, San Diego County Water Authority has cancelled the Regional Enhanced Pipeline Cleaning Project. The project has been tentatively rescheduled for summer 2019.

Nitrification is a process that can degrade water quality in municipal systems. Over the last sixteen years, OMWD has been proactive in changing disinfection strategies, aggressively flushing targeted areas, replacing aging infrastructure, and performing preventative maintenance to ensure against conditions in our distribution system that lead to nitrification. Further, OMWD treats raw water purchased from our water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority, at our David C. McCollom Water Treatment Plant through ultrafiltration membrane technology, a barrier treatment that yields high-quality water, exceeding all state and federal water quality standards.

For a number of reasons, including increased water conservation during the recent drought, water has been flowing more slowly through the large conveyance pipelines that deliver water from regional water wholesaler Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to SDCWA. As a result, nitrification has become a water quality concern for those agencies without their own treatment facilities that instead take treated water from the regional system. Rather than discharging large amounts of affected water, SDCWA will treat the water in the pipelines with free chlorine later this summer.

Customers of those member agencies participating in this free chlorine event may notice a change in the taste and odor of their water as a result of the additional chlorine, but the water is still safe to use and drink. While agencies that purchase treated water from SDCWA must participate in this event, OMWD elected not to participate and OMWD customers will not experience any changes to the taste and odor of their water as a result of this project.

For more information on the regional enhanced pipeline cleaning project, please visit SDCWA’s website. If you have questions about OMWD’s involvement in SDCWA’s Enhanced Pipeline Cleaning Project, please call 760-632-4641.