OMWD Customer Information System

New OMWD Customer Information System: What Does It Mean for Me?

OMWD’s former customer information system was in place for 32 years, and due to changes in technology, it was no longer an optimal solution to satisfy the needs of OMWD or our customers. We have converted from the old system to the new system called “CIS Infinity.”

As a result of this upgrade, customers received a new customer-account number on the January 31 billing statement. Your January 1 bill was the last to use your old account number. It’s important to use your new number for future interaction with OMWD. Customers paying their OMWD bill using their bank’s online payment system should be sure to update the OMWD account number in their payment profile. No action is necessary for those customers that have set up automatic payments directly with OMWD. For guidance on how to read your new monthly billing statement, please see our sample bill.

The CIS Infinity system will better manage customer interactions, accelerate the exchange of information between office and field workers, and ultimately reduce the time and costs associated with serving customers.

As we have worked to configure the new software, OMWD has redesigned monthly billing statements with several changes to the rules governing customer accounts and also altered certain service fees. These changes were approved by the Board of Directors at our November 4, 2015 meeting and took effect when we activated the new system. Changes include elimination of fees for disconnection due to non-payment, while re-connection fees are shown below:

During normal work hours$75.00
Outside normal work hours$120.00
Sunday or holiday$150.00

Additionally, bills will now be considered delinquent on the tenth business day following the payment due date. It will be the customer’s responsibility to notify OMWD if a customer chooses to lease their property but retain water service in his/her name. For those customers with a less than satisfactory history of bill payment, the time period for deposit refunds will be extended from two years to three years.

To view all rules governing customer accounts, visit Articles 8 and 9 of OMWD’s Administrative and Ethics Code.

In summary, this new system will be able to help us ensure a more effective and efficient approach to serving you. OMWD encourages our customers to let us know if any questions arise about the new system.